Create a Custom Investment Plan And Manage Your Risks With Evergreen Advisors

Published, September 2, 2015 – Covington, Kentucky

If you’re like some investors, you need help from a professional financial consulting to really understand how to optimize your investment portfolio. The team at Evergreen Advisors, Inc., in Covington, Kentucky, wants to be your personal financial consultants for all of your investment planning and risk management needs.

team-imageAre your portfolio’s allocations where you want them to help you achieve your education planning, managing stock options and other long-term goals? The wealth advisors at Evergreen Advisors specialize in taking a comprehensive look at the diversity and risk within your portfolio through a MyProPlanner membership program.

With MyProPlanner, you get on-call access to a certified financial planner who will create a comprehensive financial plan to get you started. Your personal Evergreen financial advisor will pinpoint fund investment opportunities and provide you with prospective investments that you might not otherwise have access to without having a larger portfolio. In addition to having new financial prospects, you’ll also have the option to review your finances one-on-one with a consultant at the end of each annual term.

The cost to enroll in MyProPlanner is just $99 a month— compare that cost to the industry average of $175 an hour to meet with a certified financial planner, and between $900 and $1,800 for a financial consultation. You’re not locked into a contract with Evergreen Advisors, and there’s no minimum investment requirement.

Investment planning and risk management are just two areas your investment advisor will focus on. The Evergreen professionals will also take a thorough look at your retirement planning goals, cash management and budgeting, and estate planning to help ensure you have the best financial security for your family and future.

To get started with your initial consultation, call the investment advisors at Evergreen Advisors, Inc. at (513) 784-9150. You can also visit their website to learn more about what their financial services can do to help improve your investment profits.