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You face financial decisions every day. Some big. Some small. But every one of them matters. As an Evergreen ProPlanner member, you never have to face those decisions alone.

It’s the help you need to live an abundant life.

Let’s be real. You’re busy budgeting. Your money matters involve buying a house, changing jobs (or careers!), leasing a car, getting health care, or wondering how to send your kids to college.

For everyday financial decisions, you deserve everyday access to financial advice. Evergreen ProPlanner gives you the open access you deserve at a price you can afford.

Financial advice for everyone

  • Help make the most of your assets
  • Potential to save hundreds-even thousands – timely advice
  • Draw upon our team’s 100+ years of financial services experience.

Keeping the costs low, as you can see on the graph below

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How can an Evergreen ProPlanner advisor help?

Am I paying too much interest on my mortgage?
How can I pay off all these student loans?
Where should I allocate my 401k funds?
We’re pregnant. What financial stuff do I need to change?
How much do I need to set aside for my kids’ college?
Do I have better home insurance options?
I’ve never created a will before – where do I start?
How much should I be putting aside for retirement?
Should I buy or rent a home?
How can I afford to put anything aside right now?
Should I put my money in a Roth or Traditional IRA?
How do I protect myself financially as a sole proprietor?
Do I have enough life insurance?
How can we find the money for a nice vacation?
Can we afford to send our children to private school?
How can we possibly live on one income?
What are the pros and cons of a high deductible health plan?
How do I designate a guardian for my kids?
How much health insurance premium should I consider?
Should I buy or lease a car?
What is covered under my property insurance?
How do I save for retirement when working on my own?
Do I need to set up an LLC for my business?
When does investing in real estate make sense?
What type of life insurance is right for my family?
Can I afford to take a sabbatical for a personal project?
Where is all that college money going to come from?
How do I make dollar cost averaging work for me?
What mix of premium, copay, deductible and coinsurance should I get?
How can I keep from paying PMI on my house?
How much do I need to keep in my savings account?
Does a supplemental health plan make sense for me?
Where can we find ways to cut budget expenses?
What is disability insurance and do I need it?
Where can I find additional funding for my small business?
How much do I really need for emergencies?
How do I set up a trust for my kids in case something happens to me?
What’s the difference between whole life and universal life insurance?